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Courtroom and Trials

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The Obama holdover heading the Pentagon office reportedly under investigation by the U.S. attorney who is conducting the criminal probe of the Trump–Russia investigation was accused of leaking a classified document, in a recent court filing for ret

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The embattled biotech company Monsanto will have to pay a hefty fine of $10 million for spraying a dangerous pesticide on "research crops" in Hawaii. Over 160 lbs if the pesticide used was stockpiled and sprayed even after it was banned by the US

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The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to review a lower court's decision, allowing an acclaimed climate scientist's defamation case against a conservative news outlet and a libertarian think tank to move forward.

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On Tuesday, Congressional impeachment hearings exposed an interesting facet of the current battle between Donald Trump and the so-called deep state: namely, that many government bureaucrats now fancy themselves as superior to the elected civilian gov

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Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the Westminster chief magistrate enmeshed in a conflict of interest, will no longer be presiding over the extradition proceedings of imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, said WikiLeaks lawyer Jen Robinson, at an event i

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By Thomas Lifson American Thinker

That Resulted in Guilty Plea...Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn's replacement lawyer, is pulling on a thread that is unraveling the conspiracy to generate a crime with which to bludgeon him into cooperating in incriminating President Trump in the

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father before court gagged his speech...(Natural News) Shortly before his court-issued gag order went into effect, Jeffrey Younger, the father of seven-year-old James Younger, spoke out about his ex-wife's demonic plan to remove James' male geni

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A bombshell court filing from Michael Flynn's new legal team alleges that FBI agents altered a '302' form - the official record of the former national security adviser's interview - that resulted in the DOJ charging him with lying to investigators.

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Six years after prosecutors in New York and London cracked down on Citigroup, JPM, Deutsche Bank and a handful of others in the so-called foreign exchange "cartel" case - the sequel to the persecution of banks for rigging benchmark interest rates (mo