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Central Banks/Banking

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Marquee Finance by Sagar Substack

As we approach the monetary easing by the Western Central Banks (as predicted by Mr Market), there are ominous signs contrary to the expectations of the central bankers.

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Market speculators have lost sight of the fact that interest rates will continue to rise and that the US Government is irretrievably bust, making the fiat dollar ultimately worthless.

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The Economic Collapse Blog - Michale Snyder

We were warned that more banks would soon be getting into deep trouble. In fact, just yesterday I told my readers to circle March 11th because that is when a very important Federal Reserve program that has been propping up our banks will be allowed

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Dean Sallas leans against his current home, a 2005 Toyota mini van, and jokes about the sub-zero Chicago winter weather. He doesn't seem to fit the general profile of a homeless guy or an elder abuse victim.