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John Perez and Mike Adams detail the risk of MORE bank collapses after "WOKE" SVB bites the dust, prioritizing TRANS awareness over RISK awareness

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Over the weekend, when parsing through the carnage sweeping the US banking sector, we analyzed which banks are facing the highest deposit-run risk in the aftermath of the SIVB - and now SBNY - failures, and focused on a handful of names who have the

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A bank failure of this proportion has not been seen since 2008 when Washington Mutual failed. The majority of deposits in Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) are uninsured, meaning the FDIC's $250,000 protection does not apply.

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Government likes to spend money that it doesn't have. The Fed accommodates government by creating new dollars out-of-thin-air, which is as unconstitutional as it gets. When government spends this counterfeited money, it creates massive economic disto