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by Iain Davis and Whitney Webb

In this first instalment of a new series, Iain Davis and Whitney Webb explore how the UN's "sustainable development" policies, the SDGs, do not promote "sustainability" as most conceive of it and instead utilise the same debt imperialism lo

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Investors like to focus on QE and QT, because the quantity of money has an immediate effect on risk assets. In the same way, we like to focus on the Fed Funds Rate as the price of money also has a dramatic effect on risk assets.

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Activist Post

The widespread embrace of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has left many government bureaucrats feeling left out. In a bid to get in on the action, many governments have floated the idea of a "central bank digital currency," (CBDC) aka a govern

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Now that Q2 earnings season is officially over, and liquidity is especially dismal with more than half of Wall Street pros on vacation, the annual plenary of the global central bank cognoscenti kicks off in Jackson Hole this week.

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After demand and supply are sourced in the same region, pricing power moves to that timezone in the form of standards and exchange liquidity. The fat lady is getting ready to sing on Western style Gold manipulation. Will Russo-Chinese style be any b

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