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On Friday, we relayed the latest observations from BofA chief investment officer, Michael Hartnett who concluded that there is just one bull market to short - namely credit - "and the Fed won't let you" by which he means all central banks.

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Silver is the matrix of precious metals: on the one hand, it is an industrial metal, critical to the production process in many of the world's most in-demand products; and on the other hand, it has been 'money' for millennia, playing se

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The unprecedented monetary stimulus unleashed by the Federal Reserve to help combat the economy-destroying coronavirus has revived worries about hyperinflation which renders the dollar worthless and popular inflation hedges like gold rule the day.

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As with any piss-broke society that functions purely by taking on massive amounts of debt via money printing to try and keep itself afloat, the next obvious step after Central Banks make "loans" by printing money, is inevitable defaults.