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Since the original republic came to an end just over a century and a half ago and a single national state began (The United States as opposed to These United States, the political unit (Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, etc.) through

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Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine about a month ago, the U.S. and its western allies swiftly imposed a raft of economic and trade sanctions on Russia, notably on buying oil, a partial SWIFT ban and against billionaire oligarchs seen as close to

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

As President Biden tries to pin blame elsewhere on the rip-offs at the gas pump, the fact remains that the policies of his administration are the chief culprit. Yes, his administration has had some help, primarily from the counterfeiting Federal Rese

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With Brent crude climbing steadily towards $130 per barrel, fears of an economic slowdown and even a slip into recession have reared their heads among traders, very likely reinforced by warnings of food supply troubles because of the war in Ukraine.