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The long-awaited shale patch consolidation has arrived, sparking another bout of merger mania in the energy industry. It's reminiscent of the one in the late 1990s, just as the Internet bubble was exploding. But don't expect the stocks to rally t

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A $500-billion smart city. A $200-billion solar farm. Billions of dollars in investments in gas and petrochemicals. These were all facets of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 - perhaps the most ambitious economic diversification in the world.

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With growth stocks getting pummeled, one would think that there is at least some rotation out of growth and into value sectors. Alas, one would be wrong, because the core commodity behind so many "value" strategies, oil, is plunging even more than th

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According to the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery (ReCAAP), attacks have returned to the Gulf of Mexico, a key floating storage hub where oil producers have been anchoring their excess inventories during the oil su

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The diverging performance of commodities amid the coronavirus crisis, Indian oil demand and iron ore's continued climb are explored in this week's selection of energy and raw material trends to watch. Plus, Henry Hub rallies, and UK coal generati