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One might reasonably posit that when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) signalled that Saudi Arabia was once again going to produce oil to the maximum to crash oil prices in a full-scale oil price war, Russian President Vladimir Putin...

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According to a number of cognitive scientists, mankind uses its unique ability to reason primarily for justifying pre-held convictions, rather than for forming convictions.

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For the past 9 years ever since the downgrade of the US government by S&P from AAA to AA+, American energy giant Exxon, which back in 2007 had a market cap of over $500 billion only to see that cut by two thirds to $150BN today (half of where it was

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In the aftermath of Saudi Arabia's declaration of an oil price war last weekend, which sent the price of crude tumbling about 30% overnight, and making profitability life for US E&P companies virtually impossible, it didn't take long for US shale pro

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Most shale oil wells drilled in the United States are unprofitable at current oil prices, Rystad Energy has warned. The Norwegian consultancy said, as quoted by Bloomberg, that drilling new wells would be loss-making for more than 100 companies.

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Now that both OPEC+ and OPEC no longer exist, and it's a free-for-all of "every oil producer for themselves" and which Goldman described as return to "the playbook of the New Oil Order, with low cost producers increasing supply from their spare capac

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Wall Street's main stock indexes plummeted and the Dow Jones Industrials crashed 2,000 points on Monday as a 22% slump in oil prices and the rapid spread of the coronavirus amplified fears of a global recession.


Bloodbath on world markets: Oil prices see the biggest plunge since the Gulf War in 1991 as Dow set to open 1,000 points lower while coronavirus panic wipes £130billion off London markets with FTSE 100 falling 8.5 per cent