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First, and by a long shot the most important, is the sustained decline in global crude oil price outlooks. Even if we had seamless market access, the long term expected market value of oilsands production has dropped significantly from 2014 levels.

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Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

It's not a secret: OPEC has painted itself into a corner by relying exclusively on supply control to be able to manipulate international oil prices in a way that is favorable for its members.

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In the July 31 Democratic presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden gave this reponse to a question about whether he would continue to support the production of domestic coal, oil and natural gas resources:

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The U.S. could "drown the world in oil" over the next decade, which, according to Global Witness, would "spell disaster" for the world's attempts to address climate change.

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The Trump Administration's decision to reimpose sanctions on the Iranian oil trade has dramatically reduced Iranian crude exports - but it hasn't stopped some of the US's largest economic rivals from accepting shipments of Iranian crude, according to

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Crude oil in floating and onshore storage in Iran has exceeded 110 million barrels, French energy data analysts Kpler reported this week, noting the number of barrels in floating storage specifically had increased almost twofold over the last two mon