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From the beginning of this crisis we have been pointing out that there are two mutually contradictory messages at the heart of the covid19 rollout, and, just as Orwell describes in 1984, a major point of the exercise seems to be to get people to beli

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It is perhaps not a coincident that global-warming hysteria and coronavirus panic are both based on discredited computer models generated at Imperial College in the UK. In this article, Patrick Wood, Publisher of Technocracy News, delves into the his

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People want to know: just how bad is the COVID-19 virus and is fighting it worth the destruction of the world's economic and financial system while disrupting the lives of hundreds of millions of people? The story behind the story will make it clea

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A study by the University of Oxford indicates COVID-19 reached the UK by mid-January and already may have infected half the population. The results suggest that the coronavirus is not as nearly as serious as claimed by the Imperial College, which pre