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Gordon Brown, left-wing former Prime Minister and Labour leader, called for a one-world government to tackle the problems of coronavirus and economic crisis. He said there is a need for a task force of world leaders, health experts, and heads of inte

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New 15-minute home coronavirus tests will soon be available over the counter or via home delivery within days in the U.K., according to public health authorities, in a move that could see the country make vast strides toward tampering down fears and

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If traders are looking for central bankers to calm nerves they will have to wait, because in the past two days not an hour seems to pass without some central bank freaking out and announcing an emergency easing measure, many of which pulled right out

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I often ask myself how did Boris Johnson become PM of Britain, as I for one, don't believe it's entirely to do with Brexit, but more to do with a broader protest vote from a big part of the UK population who voted him in to redress the balance of

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With the coronavirus sweeping across Europe and the US preoccupied with the Democratic Primary and all of its attendant drama, we haven't heard much from the UK and it's ongoing struggle to forge an equitable post-Brexit relationship with the EU.