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No new highs, no new lows, lots of chop and still no decisions on anything. New highs or not, trade deal or not, hard Brexit or not, the list goes on and on.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Cabinet colleagues that it will require a "significant amount of work" to strike a Brexit deal with the European Union, amid signs of progress in last-minute talks but also deep-seated skepticism about th

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The main theme here is "Brexit" which the Big Pharma/banking cartel is fighting tooth and nail to prevent. Despite the majority decision in the 2016 referendum, many politicians appear to be of the opinion that this is of little importance and th

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With less than six weeks before the UK is due to leave the European Union, the geopolitical environment is growing increasingly unstable. Whilst this is not necessarily an indication that Brexit will happen on October 31st, there have recently been s

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Trust me, I'm a doctor. So goes the well-worn phrase, and as Statista's Martin Armstrong reports, a survey by Ipsos MORI reveals, medical practitioners are indeed the most trusted group of professionals in Britain.

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