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Public-Private Partnerships are a key element of advancing Sustainable Development, and they are rapidly expanding in the US, in particular with infrastructure. Establishment of high-speed rail is also a key element in the implementation of Technocra

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James Corbett joins Lance Bowman of the Living Outside the Box podcast to discuss the outlook for Japan and the world in 2017. We talk about the economic, cultural and societal mindset in Japan and preparedness (or lack thereof) for the changes that

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Russia and Japan deepened ties between the neighboring countries over the weekend as Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan.

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The National Diet of Japan made a very strange move this past week: They ratified the TPP. Strange, that is, because the TPP is dead. President-Elect Trump has already said he is committed to pulling the US out of the deal on day one in office.

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Iran says an agreement has been signed with Japan's Itochu to fund one of its key petrochemical projects – the second such agreement signed with Japanese companies over the past few months.