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Police Brutality and Militarization

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Article Image, by Walter E. Bloc

To say that "Black Lives Matter" has been in the news of late would be the understatement of the year, if not the decade. Maybe, even the century.

Article Image, By George Hollenback

About five years ago in Racine, Wisconsin, a 24-year-old black man named Jacob Blake and a couple of female companions were among the patrons of the Brass Monkey tavern. An inebriated Blake got into an argument with another patron and pulled a gun on

Article Image, Don Thompson

California lawmakers are setting up a task force to study and make recommendations for reparations to African Americans, particularly the descendants of slaves, as the nation struggles again with civil rights and unrest following the latest shooting

Article Image, Tyler Durden

Since the death of George Floyd beneath the knee of a cop in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, the nation has been instructed by its cultural elites that this is the daily reality that a racist America has too long ignored.