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'Influencer' with 1.6million followers claims she's being blackmailed by an Instagram employee who is demanding $2,600 a month to stop the social media platform from removing her photos for 'violating' nudity rules

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NYTimes columnist Bret Stephens is ridiculed for his 'thin-skin' after he was called a 'bedbug' by a professor on Twitter and then complained to the man's boss - before claiming 'fascist regimes' use that type of insult

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viral on Facebook...(Natural News) Even as the evil tech giants and deceptive mainstream media desperately try to censor any truthful information about vaccine ingredients and their health risks, a new video has just been posted that may turn the tab

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The Organic Prepper By Cat Ellis

Due to the recent mass shootings, there is a major push for so-called "red flag" gun laws at both the state and federal levels. These laws are the latest tool for gun control advocates to confiscate guns from people based upon only tips and suspi

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They Hired to Do It ...Big tech companies like Google and Apple have been under fire recently for violations of privacy laws and even been accused of outright supporting surveillance of private citizens. Amazon has been accused of keeping recordings

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Thanks to lax oversight and technical loopholes, Instagram allowed one of its vetted advertising partners harvest vast amounts of public user data to create detailed records of users' physical locations, bios, and photos which were intended to disapp

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has asked interested vendors to propose "social media early alerting" tools that will "help insiders proactively and reactively monitor how terrorist groups, foreign intelligence services, criminal organizati