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"What happens if the grid goes down? What will happen to Bitcoin? Is this a problem?" as well as the important differentiation between centrally planned cashless societies and decentralized, unconfiscatable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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One of the obvious appeals of Bitcoin is that it is decentralized in nature and, therefore, immune from being plundered by governments and Central Banks globally. We haven't seen a better example of that, in action, than a recent story out of Germa

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Mike Swatek (PPM Silver Cosmetics) on IPFS and permanent internet access - Max Freeman comes on to talk about Epic Cash - Chris Duane (Silver Shield; Golden State Mint) provides an update on the precious metals market; censorship

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Back in November, billionaire Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio - skeptic of cryptocurrencies - slammed bitcoin, saying that there are three main problems with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: a lack of venues accepting digital assets as payment, pri

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