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The next time you need to show an elephant where something is, just point. Chances are he’ll understand what you mean.

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Website uses games to test the intelligence and even personality type of man's best friend

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The stench of rotting elephant carcasses hangs in the air in western Zimbabwe where wildlife officials say at least 91 elephants were poisoned with cyanide by poachers who hack off the tusks for the lucrative illegal ivory market.

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A Peruvian congressman has joined animal rights activists to try and halt the consumption of barbecued cat at an annual religious festival. The activists say at least 100 cats will be eaten at this weekend's festival of Santa Efigenia in La Quebrada

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The 60-year-old was gardening when the big cat launched at her, mauling her. Her husband immediately grabbed the spear and repeatedly hurled it into the animal until it ran away. Conservation officers later found the cougar, dead, about 20metres