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A large section of coastline in South Africa has been closed after a 15-metre whale washed ashore following an attack by great white sharks.

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A strange, unidentified animal washed up on the beaches of New York recently. The creature at first appeared to be a large pig, but upon further inspection has toes instead of hooves and other qualities not endemic to pigs.

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Due to the migratory patterns of pelicans, those coming up from the gulf region into the north are displaying signs of oil and Corexit exposure. While the oil itself is bad enough for the birds, the Corexit is a know endocrine disruptor thought to be

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Starfishlike brittle stars have five thin arms and no central brain, but even so, they move in a carefully coordinated fashion similar to four-limbed animals (including humans).

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Breeding is on their minds as the mating season draws to an end. Guys drop dead by the hour, making goby girls go all out in their hunt for a mate to father their offspring

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The government of Peru is investigating the deaths of more than 500 pelicans along a 70km (40-mile) stretch of the country's northern coast. Officials say most appeared to have died on shore over the past few days. They were found in the same region

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Peruvian authorities are still trying to unravel the mystery of why hundreds of dolphins ended up dead on beaches in the country over the past 2 1/2 months. Carcasses of 877 dolphins and porpoises were found between February and mid-April on the beac