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Jordan B Peterson -

Matt Ridley and I discuss, among other topics, economic optimism, trade through the reciprocity of nations, enlightened self-interest, virtues relation to trade, feeding nine billion people, the triumphs of cities, escape of Malthusian population tra

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James Corbett (Corbett Report) comes on the show to focus on the solutions for this new year, GameStop, Domestic Terrorism, Survival Currency, etc...Begins at 7 pm EST Wednesday February 3rd, 2021; MP4 will be posted after the podcast.

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Tim Picciott - The Liberty Advisor

In this Tim and John Episode, we interview the Leader of the Libertarian Party in Canada, Tim Moen. Tim talks about his experience with the "pandemic" as a firefighter and insights into being a first responder. His wife is also an ER nurse.

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Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

There's been a mass exodus from cities to rural locations this year and as winter sets in, a lot of former city dwellers may be in for some surprises. Here's what I learned when I moved to the Algonquin Forest for a year, straight from the city.