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When I talk about Messenger apps or email I will get the expect retorts from people about how it is better to use Signal, Tutanota, Protonmail and so on and always there's such a blindness to the ever important detail called META DATA.

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The Session Private Messenger App is one of a select few platforms for hard core secure messaging that truly demonstrates real knowledge of privacy. This app knows that it's about data as well as meta-data, and understands the distinction between jus

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During the course of an FBI written response to a Freedom of Information Act request asking about the trade names and suppliers of surveillance software the FBI had purchased, and in a legal brief submitted to a federal judge, the government has yet

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As governments globally are on the precipice of introducing digital IDs, do we need to worry that the same technology used to impede our freedom with vaccine passports will now be used to control every element of our lives?

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The normie phone is the biggest roadblock to privacy. There is likely no way it can be made safe. It's designed to strip away all your means to protect your data. Time to really rethink your long term mobile phone strategy. There are options.

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According to an article released by Forbes, the gang operated across the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Australia. The DEA reported that the cartel funneled up to $40 million of illicit proceeds through the exchange.

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While researching my piece, The Truth about Luciferase, I came across a patent that blew my mind and I absolutely had to write about it.

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CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency or the Digital Dollar is now in beta test mode. The Federal Reserve has initiated a 3 month trial with Citigroup, HSBC, Mastercard, and Wells Fargo. Digital currencies will change the privacy potential of money fore