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Rob Braxman Tech -

Digital Dollars is the unofficial tag for the Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC. The USA is on its way to implementing CBDC. China is the first and is already using digital Yuans today so the US has no choice but to proceed. This technology has s

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Armstrong Economics

"I use Coinbase to hold some crypto. They sent me an email saying that my account that I had for years would be limited to withdrawals only if I do not give them updated government ID and download the latest version of the application."

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Jacob Hornberger - FFF

For some 140 years, the United States did not have an Espionage Act. It didn't come into existence until 1917, when U.S. officials used it to punish Americans who had the audacity to question the U.S. intervention into World War I

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Russell Brand -

Amazon's new palm payment system has been installed in 65+ Whole Food Stores across California, but it's only for your convenience & not for your data…right?

Article Image By Sikh for Truth

"Trust Scores" or reputational scores are aspects of having a digital identity that haven't been discussed much. By default, everyone who accepts a digital identity, whether decentralised or not, will receive a Trust Score.

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Spookd Blog

Since Assange is again under major attack, with the objective to ensure his incarceration and/or death, I've been asked to republish this blog post which includes significant revelations which we can assume are included among his more recent drop