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Rob Braxman Tech - YouTube

There are privacy and security threats tied to the use of the Cell Phone SIM Card. What does that little chip do? Learn about the basics of the functions of a SIM Card and the ways it can be used in a way that doesn't detract from your privacy or sec

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Activist Post - Neenah Payne

"Robert Epstein has been researching and looking at how the biggest tech companies influence human behavior, and conducting extensive monitoring projects of bias in these companies' products, with a particular focus on Google."

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Russell Brand -

Bill Gates has called for a global surveillance team to spot future pandemic threats – and potentially enact lockdowns - and by coincidence, he'd be in charge. No issues there then.

Article Image By Tyler Durden

"Track me, smack me, never let me go." Technocracy in Europe is advancing with virtually no effective resistance. Now, all travel will be 100 percent surveilled with real-time GPS, and for your safety you will be immediately warned to not exceed

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https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

The telephone is such a nuisance that most people no longer answer when it rings or even bother to set up the feature to record phone messages. The telephone is such a nuisance that many people do not even use it for calls. Instead, they text, and

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Rob Braxman Tech -

Big Tech's most accurate way of tracking is called the "deterministic" approach and you need to understand the implications of this including how to deal with it. If you ignore this threat, then you will have all your activities tracked on all platfo