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How to hide with a burner phone. How privacy works when you use a burner phone and what is the best option for burner phones in the United States and across there world. Privacy is a right and phone companies have made is more difficult for people to

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Rob Braxman Tech - YouTube

Finally we get proof of Internet Backbone Surveillance which supplements the surveillance at the ISP level. This is the kind of stuff that is used to track TOR users and VPN users. Called Netflow data, this type of data provides analysis of server t

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Skynet Went Live June 8! Attn: Alexa Echo and Ring Owners - Skynet is Here: Ready for Singularity? - Big Tech Botnets: The Fearsome New Technology

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Apple unveiled a new feature on the iPhone called Neural Hash which is supposed to be used to catch CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) on phones. But wait till you hear what this new technology is really all about. It's a lot more than what you think