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Article Image News Link • Global, by Dan Levine/Joseph Menn

The U.S. government is trying to force Facebook Inc (FB.O) to break the encryption in its popular Messenger app so law enforcement may listen to a suspect's voice conversations in a criminal probe, three people briefed on the case said, resurrectin

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, By Cate Cadell

If a policeman asks to unlock your cellphone, the author concludes "In China, it's not wise to refuse." The only natural outcome of a Technocracy is Scientific Dictatorship where every conceivable detail of your life is examined under a microsc

Article Image News Link • Global, BY: NATASHA SINGER

If data exists in any form, you can be sure there will be Technocrat data hoarders close at hand to harvest it. The unrestricted use and spread of very personal data belonging to minors puts them at risk for the rest of their lives because once publ

Article Image News Link • Global, The Boston Globe

Federal air marshals have begun following ordinary US citizens not suspected of a crime or on any terrorist watch list and collecting extensive information about their movements and behavior under a new domestic surveillance program that is drawing c