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Richard Feloni for Business Insider Reports Walmart is getting into the drone business. The drone technology will be replacing the jobs of inventory quality assurance employees, cutting inventory checks across massive distribution centers. The applic

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Prison Planet

The U.S. conducts drone strikes worldwide with relative impunity. But when the first strike hits the United States, the real blowback will begin

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KRIS OSBORN for Scout News reports, The Air Force Chief Scientist said F-35 pilots will be able to control a small group of drones flying nearby from the aircraft cockpit in the air, performing sensing, reconnaissance and targeting functions.

Article Image, By Ann Wright

The U.S. government's reliance on drones to sustain perpetual war in the Mideast is meeting resistance from some assigned to carry out and justify these tactics, including a U.S. Army chaplain who resigned in protest, writes Ann Wright.