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Government Debt & Financing

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Update (1935ET): In response to today's passing of the House GOP debt ceiling solution, the White House issued a statement claiming that the bill "cuts veterans' health care, education, Meals on Wheels, and public safety, takes away health care fro

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Extremes keep getting more extreme, but for those at the top of the heap, it's all fine. For everyone else slipping down the ladder, all that FINE adds up to Fragile, Insecure, Nonsensical, Expensive

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When Congress discusses banning TikTok to keep our children safe from Chinese government spying, what do they really have in mind? And is it a pretext to bring back the military draft?

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The recent massive protests in Israel against the Zionist Netanyahu government clearly show there are many Israelis today who do not support their government.

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Amid rampant corruption in Kiev and as US troops gather at the Ukrainian border, does the Biden administration have an endgame to the conflict?

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A group of three influential senators traveled to Kiev and met with President Volodymyr Zelensky. Accompanied by country music singer Brad Paisley, the lawmakers called for the defeat of Russian President Vladimir Putin and pledged more weapons for U

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The Biden administration on Tuesday announced a new massive $2.6 billion weapons package for Ukraine that includes HIMARS ammunition, missiles for air defense systems, artillery rounds, and other equipment.

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In an interview with ABC News last month, after it was noted that U.S. aid to Ukraine now totals at least $113 billion, President Joe Biden was told that "many" Americans were asking, "How long can we spend like this?"

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Appearing before the Senate Finance Committee Thursday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in no uncertain terms that she does not think a Republican proposal for the U.S. to prioritize its debt payments in the event of a default is viable.

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Imagine that for the last 100 years, the federal government's policy was to bail out every business that was in danger of going under.