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Government Debt & Financing

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By Michael Shedlock Mish's Global Economic T

St Louis Fed researchers concocted a scheme to pay banks still more free money, but this time hiding all of it. At the current rate of 2.35%, the Fed hands out about $33.58 billion in free money to the banks.Interest Rate on Excess Reserves

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The City of Oakland is in such dire financial straits that it is planning to use $2.9 million from state gas tax revenues to keep the city's lights on, rather than using the money to fix pothole-riddled roads, for which the funding was intended.

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This article explains why the US Government is ensnared in a debt trap from which there is no escape. Its finances are spiralling out of control. In the context of a rapidly slowing global economy, the budget deficit can only be financed by QE and ba

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