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Parental Rights

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Parents protest after under-fives in NYC are forced to wear masks to nurseries - while older kids take theirs off for the first time in two years: Lawsuit is filed to overturn mayor's 'harmful' decision

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Parents all across the country are going to war with each other over which books will be permitted to be placed in public (i.e., government) school libraries. They cannot see there is no possible way to resolve their war in a way that will make every

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Americans are not only quitting their jobs or moving out of state rather than having their school-age children face mandatory vaccination, onerous lockdowns and public ridicule, they are beginning to forge their own new independent American culture t

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Thanks to good investigative reporting by The Daily Wire, the full horror of the story of one ninth grade girl assaulted in a Loudoun County school bathroom has come out. The father was vilified as a "domestic terrorist" for calling the school board

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During last week's Virginia gubernatorial debate, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe promised that as governor he would prevent parents from removing sexually explicit books from school libraries, because he doesn't think "parents should be tel