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Parental Rights

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Truth to Freedom

Her 15 year old AUTISTIC son medically KIDNAPPED... begs Hospital staff for food at Phoenix Children's Hospital - where Mom is removed for requesting a second opinion. Hospital wants to REMOVE HIS COLON without Mom's consent!!!

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Childrens Health Defense

An increasingly tyrannical government-pharmaceutical industry partnership wants to vaccinate 100 percent of children from the womb on, no matter the child's state of health or the family's beliefs--and in spite of vaccination's demonstrated fa

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Dan Dicks - Press For Truth

The third and final day of AB vs CD has come to an end at the appeals court of BC and on the surface it appears to not be looking good for the father (CD) who wants his daughter (AB) to have more time to mature before continuing hormone treatments, h

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Texas father has been legally prohibited from raising his son as a boy because his ex-wife allegedly decided their son is a transgender girl and is preparing him for "chemical castration at age 8" and a future sex change surgery, which the father may

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Why one mom didn't take her kid to the ER -- even after poison control said to. The emergency room bill I can't stop thinking about.