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Military Industrial Complex

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Karen DeYoung, Washington Post

The likelihood that U.S. money is finding its way to the enemy as well as lining officials' pockets . . . is "one of the many very important things that came to light" during last fall's White House strategy review, an administration official said.

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T. Christian Miller, Mark Hosenball, and Ron Morea

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight - America has spent more than $6 billion since 2002 in an effort to create an effective Afghan police force, buying weapons and hiring defense contractors to train the recruits—but the program has been a disaster

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Joby Warrick, Washington Post

Federal auditors on Monday put a stop to Army plans to award a $1 billion training program for Afghan police officers to the company formerly known as Blackwater, concluding that other companies were unfairly excluded from bidding on the job.

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James Glanz, New York Times

Investigators looking into corruption involving reconstruction in Iraq say they have opened more than 50 new cases in six months by scrutinizing large cash transactions — involving banks, land deals, loan payments, casinos and even plastic surgery —