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False Flag Operations

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During testimony on Capitol Hill, Chuck Hagel characterized the attack in Boston as terrorism and said the Pentagon is prepared to respond quickly to any request from domestic law enforcement, according to Pentagon’s propaganda newspaper, Stars and S

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Only days after the chemical weapons attack inside Syria, the Israeli, US, and NATO governments are doing everything in their power to not only push the idea that the “red line” of the Obama administration has been crossed, but also to maintain the f

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At this point I wish I could laugh at the absurdly obvious nature of the federal government’s involvement in the manufacture of domestic terrorism, but unfortunately it is far too serious a matter. For those who think the most recent case of 21-ye

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Even in the age of YouTube, this is pretty stunning. This is the response of Patrick Clawson, who heads the Washington Institute’s Iran Security Initiative, in response to a question about what should happen if negotiations with Tehran fail.

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Domestic terrorism has come to light with the Sikh shooting. The US government is not only coming after the 2nd Amendment, but now framing US Army veterans in a false flag operation where extremists are the new threat. Mainstream media (MSM) are p