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Natural Disasters

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By Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse

Of The United States Of America"...One day it will happen. Scientists assure us that one day the absolutely massive Yellowstone supervolcano will once again experience a Category 8 eruption, and if it happened today it would "literally tear the

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared a story about an ambulance that was stranded by the Camp Fire that burned down Paradise, California. The paramedics and nurses took a stand to fight the fire when help could not arrive in time, saving themselves and th

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Malibu, CA -- Howard Leight, co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery, is a billionaire hearing tech industry mogul who lost most of his vineyard over the last week as wildfires raged through California. His misfortune did not deter him from helping

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Yesterday an entire California town burned down. Paridise, CA has (had) 27,000 residents and over 1,000 buildings, and now it's pretty much gone. A fire started nearby on a windy day and within hours everything was ash and cinders.