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The Russian military reported that it has spent over two months now detailing the extent and reach of the US military-biological research effort in Ukraine, revealing how the Pentagon used the country as a testing site for the study of deadly weapons

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The Russian Defence Ministry continues to study materials on the implementation of military biological programs of the United States and its NATO allies on the territory of Ukraine. Explosive documents reveal how these Ukrainian biolabs attempted to

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Today's Situation Update podcast covers several key stories, including the worsening of food shortages around the world (with Indonesia now banning all exports of edible oils, including palm oil) and Russia's claim that the United States is about

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As the concept of "venom theory" has reverberated around the world this week, many people are shocked to realize how many pharmaceutical medications are derived almost entirely from rattlesnake venom, Gila Monster reptile venom, pit viper venom,