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This morning I did my weekly grocery store excursion, shortly after sunrise. As I pulled my car out of the garage and started on my way, I immediately noticed the most comprehensive chemtrail painting in the sky I have ever seen in my little corner o

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

James Corbett interviews Dr. Meryl Nass on her acclaimed new connect-the-dots article exposing how the WHO's proposed treaty will increase man-made pandemics. Learn how cataclysmic lab escapes become increasingly inevitable in a science fiction fut

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Russell Brand - Rumble

As RFK Jr tells Tucker the Pentagon has used other countries like Ukraine for bioweapons research, why, when top government officials have alluded to as much, is this still labelled a conspiracy theory? And are there examples of any other "defensiv

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On June 26, the CDC issued a health advisory when Texas and Florida reported cases of malaria.