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FreedomsPhoenixeZine - TONIGHT!!! / Symptoms of Tyranny, Oathkeepers in Arizona - Ernest details the chronology of the Police State over the past 20 years from personal experience with many main players in media and Law Enforcement

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Phoenix New Times

[this from the writer:] I checked the Phoenix municipal code, and Section 3-6 may apply, as it prohibits "the distribution of posters, cards, signs, handbills, placards and other notices generally." But like I say, I'm pro-graffiti, so even if there is a law that applies, the issue becomes how to not get caught. Like many a goofy ofay, the goofy ofays in this video wanna argue with the coppers. And that's after the bulls wanna cut 'em loose!

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Phoenix Ron Paul Meetup

There's been a LOT of activity lately at the Freedom's Phoenix Workshop, and it's time for a 'housecleaning'. General cleaning and sprucing up of the work areas, the kitchen facilities, the bathroom, etc.  Oh....and there's the usual potluck. ( Oh yeah, start singing to your favorite songs, Dugger is bringing his Karaoke system,... a real one uses at clubs )

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