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China's vulnerability to a heavy private-debt load and the collapsing real-estate market increase the risk that the PBOC allows the yuan to weaken further, or that the fixed exchange-rate system with the dollar is dropped altogether.

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The widespread embrace of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has left many government bureaucrats feeling left out. In a bid to get in on the action, many governments have floated the idea of a "central bank digital currency," (CBDC) aka a govern

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The financial war between Russia with China's tacit backing on one side, and America and her NATO allies on the other has escalated rapidly. It appears that President Putin was thinking several steps ahead when he launched Russia's attack on Ukra

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Digital Dollars is the unofficial tag for the Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC. The USA is on its way to implementing CBDC. China is the first and is already using digital Yuans today so the US has no choice but to proceed. This technology has s