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We've been proponents of the crypto-economy for a long time, from being the first ICANN registrar to accept Bitcoin as a payment, the first DNS provider to enable Ethereum Name Service (ENS) linking to .xyz domains, and we were keeping Bitcoin on o

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Zero Hedge

The prime years of Bretton Woods 1, which built the Western middle class now running on fumes, saw key bond yields capped, FX rates fixed and tight capital controls. Those are some deep, dark Woods for a 24/7, microsecond, crypto-Twitter focused soci

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All USA currency is printed with the term "Federal Reserve Note" on them. That's the official term. "Cash" is just slang. I don't have a problem with anyone that doesn't already know that but I did wonder if those that deal with money everyday would


You are losing purchasing power for the US Dollar every day, yet the US Dollar seems to maintain its long-term value in financial markets, you might ask how this seeming conundrum is possible?