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The Gateway Pundit

Dr. Buttar, 57, a licensed physician and a retired Major in the US Army who served in special forces, died on Thursday at his home, while spending time with his family, according to an email sent by his family.

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Dr. Peter McCullough was one of the most outspoken and bravest leaders during the pandemic, and today he is continuing his work to keep Americans healthy and safe in this new post-pandemic era of spike protein.

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My friend, Harry D. Schultz, died February 22nd, at his home in Monaco. Harry had a long and productive life. Born in Milwaukee in 1923, he was shipped off to Shanghai toward the end of World War II, where (while still in the service) he learned t


The first obvious sign was the dead fish bobbing in their creek and a toxic blue film on the water. But now there's something else missing from one Ohio couple's woodland 'paradise' home two miles from the East Palestine chemical train disaste