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The congressional hearing with EcoHealth Alliance's Peter Daszak exposes both the fraud of Fauci's funded illegal gain-of-function treason against the People of the United States of America, but also the fraud of Congress in yet another hearing to ke

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Dr. David Martin was featured in Plandemic I -- the most-watched film in history. In the two-part video below, Dr. Martin says COVID policies were a war on humanity and asks why we are not allowed to question them.

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As you all know, I have not been one to believe that the tides are turning. But lots of people think they are. They cite many victories, in court, in the streets, with family and friends.

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the federal government is using regulatory enforcement to intervene in the marketplace, in addition to subsidizing corporations with tax dollars to direct a planned economic outcome--ending meat consumption.

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Modern history researcher Prof Chikatsu Hayashi's address was a rallying cry to resist the encroaching shadows of global totalitarianism, symbolically referring to the proactive stance against it as "stopping the third atomic bomb with our hands.