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New World Order

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All of this is what Clif High calls 'The Big Ugly' - and the ability to see it and to understand what it is, is GREAT NEWS! As Clif says: "Right now, we're in the Big Ugly, because it's still coming out, it's still being exposed. It

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This insightful article explains how deconstruction groups like Extinction Rebellion (XR) are used to enable Technocracy. The Summary: "XR is used to advance ideas that are the basis of a potential global reset to protect the environment, inaugurat

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Organic Prepper - by Fabian Ommar

The First World is rapidly turning into the Third World and you need to be prepared for what that means for your family. While it won't directly affect everyone, many of us will feel it. Here's how to get ready for this era.

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Russell Brand -

Hot on the heels of Bill Gates's GERM team, the World Health Organization is drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that could grant the agency unprecedented biosecurity powers.

Article Image,by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Technocracy is the proverbial operating system for the "superclass," a centralized global elite that is working toward securing the exclusive ownership of all the world's assets, reducing the rest of us to indebted serfs.

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Grand Theft World Podcast

Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. For the full episode replay, download, and show notes, visit

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A centralized, digital currency is coming, and there will be no individual privacy or autonomy