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New World Order

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Site Capture before it was CHANGED Link(s) Included In 2017, Top importers of COVID-19 Test kits are European Union ($4,097,158.43K , 43,114,400 Kg), United States ($3,386,548.14K , 28,387,200 Kg), Germany ($2,933,670.73K , 31,045,500 Kg)

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can remember them saying that 'everything changed after 9/11'. It did, but certainly not for the better. I think we can all agree on that. I remember how everyone surrendered their rights and key aspects of democracy, all in the name of 'keep

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NASA and FEMA teamed up back in 2016 to conduct some "asteroid impact" drills. While this may seem like it's not a big deal, take a moment, and remember Event 201 – the elitists "plan" to create the coronavirus plandemic to roll out the

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On this installment of Film, Literature and the New World Order, The Corbett Report delves into Franz Kafka's nightmare vision of a world where nameless accusations initiate extra-legal proceedings against the accused, ensnaring them in a system of

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