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July 29, 2017 "Information Clearing House" The U.S.-government-supported Public Broadcasting System (PBS) recently ran a five-part series dubbed "Inside Putin's Russia". With a different theme each night, it purports to give a realistic

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You might not expect first-rate science fiction from Cartoon Network, but according to science fiction editor John Joseph Adams that's exactly what you'll get with Rick and Morty, which begins airing new episodes on July 30.

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Despite unrealistic plots and weak characterization (except for Francis Urquhart), Michael Dobbs' books, House of Cards, Play the King, and The Final Cut were best sellers that provided the basis for a long-running TV series.

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Before we stumble into a nuclear war and end life on the planet, the American people might want to watch Oliver Stone's four-part series of interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin on "Showtime." Stone accomplishes what Western journali

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Adam West -- an actor defined and also constrained by his role in the 1960s series "Batman" -- died Friday night in Los Angeles. He was 88. A rep said that he died after a short battle with leukemia.

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Kathy Griffin beheads Trump. The CNN host posted a video depicting her holding President Trump's head, in a shocking stunt. So far, CNN hasn't said if they will fire her or not, only that they are "evaluating" what to do and "at this point haven't ma

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Jimmy Fallon apologizes for "humanizing" Donald Trump, and for being too nice to him, as liberals continue to blame Fallon in part, for Hillary losing the election, now over six months ago, since they just can't let it go. Media analyst Mark Dice has

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When I had a TV subscription, my viewing habits were fairly simple. In the evening, I would put on the television and try to find a sporting event. If nothing of interest was on, then I would flip around the channels until I found something, but more