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Free Speech

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Russell Brand -

As anti-royal protesters are being arrested in the U.K., how exactly are they breaking the law, and just what has happened to freedom of speech? #queen #protest #royals

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Banned.Video - The American Journal

"I don't see how asking questions about an election where there were many problems is dividing a country," Lake explained. "What I do see dividing a country is shutting people down, censoring people, canceling people, trying to destroy people

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Jacob Hornberger - FFF

For some 140 years, the United States did not have an Espionage Act. It didn't come into existence until 1917, when U.S. officials used it to punish Americans who had the audacity to question the U.S. intervention into World War I

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Earlier this month, a jury issued a $49 million judgment against the heroic Alex Jones for defamation. This is a chilling blow to free speech in our country.

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It is not easy to defend an important principle embodied in the person of a questionable man.

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More evidence of EXTREME government control. ESG ETFs are used by Blackrock to help "finance" the political agendas of the central planners.

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How the most powerful libertarian organizations pressured Anthem Film Festival and Freedomfest to remove my documentary on the topic of due process and free speech.

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Richard Cox of and author of The Essence of Anarchy joins me today to help answer a question about anarchy: How can we defend voluntarism in the face of arguments about the positive benefits of state regulation?