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Free Speech

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Whenever some foreign regime that is independent of the U.S. Empire goes after dissenters, U.S. officials trot out the First Amendment to show how different the United States is. Here, people are free to criticize government officials without fear of

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The freedom of speech is dead. Freedom of religion is dead. Freedom of assembly is dead. The First Amendment is dead. Today, any speech, any gathering, any religious teaching that is not sanctioned by the state is verboten.

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's recent concurring opinion in the Biden vs. Knight decision sent hopeful tremors across conservative legal circles and drew condemnation from libertarians.

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After The Atlantic attacked him for raising questions about COVID vaccines, former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson told Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson we have to be able to have a real conversation about vaccines and the response to the pa

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China has imposed sanctions on more than two dozen European and British lawmakers, academics and think tanks. The move comes after the European Union and the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on Chinese officials for human rights abuses in China's Xin