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Food Recipes - Long Term Storage Foods

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Things are tough in America and they're likely to get tougher. Many of us are forced to reallocate our money from one necessity to another and often, the thing that suffers first is our diets. If times are tight, you might find this article helpful

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Thank you for joining me today for this basic pressure canning tutorial! I am by no means an expert authority on this (or any) subject, but I have been doing it for a while and when I asked my friends for video topic input, pressure canning was reque

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Curing your own meats is not only delicious and rewarding, but a great SHTF skill and just a super cool lost art. I hope this video helps you to confidently go forth and explore the world of home cured meats.

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The holidays are here! It's a great time to make this simple yet wonderful DIY cookie mix in a jar recipe. You can prepare it ahead of time and have it all ready to go for those last-minute special holiday gifts to give to friends, co-workers, as a

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