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Article Image News Link • Global, Natalie Wong and Tony Cheung

When about 9,000 medical workers went on strike for five days early this month, it signalled not only their dissatisfaction with the Hong Kong government's handling of the new coronavirus outbreak, but also a change in the city's protest movement

Article Image News Link • Global, by Tyler Durden

As the Wuhan coronavirus rapidly spreads throughout dozens of countries, and the head of the WHO finally declaring it a "grave threat" after weeks of downplaying its severity, Beijing has gone to great lengths to silence Chinese citizens who challeng

Article Image Reference Link • Global

Dave Hodges- The Common Sense Show

While the pandemic denialists are living in a delusional world of make believe, in the real world the virus is exploding across at least two cruise ships which are currently under quarantine, one docked at Japan and the other, with 30 confirmed infec

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