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NATO - Following day-one of July 11 and 12 summit talks in Brussels, NATO issued a declaration, signed by all member state leaders, including Trump and Turkey's Erdogan.

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By Craig Murray

A NATO summit approaches that brings Donald Trump to Europe and then on to these shores, and brings the usual clamour for more of the taxpayers' money to be given to arms manufacturers.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel removed one of the biggest barriers to the creation of a European Army on Tuesday when she told a German newspaper that she supported the idea "in principle," according to RT.

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Putin just signed trade deals with Turkey and Iran. ATO is now weaker. Further, there is a reason why Russia's supply of natural gas to Euroose will be the key reason why NATO will continue to implode. Russia just moved 70,000 soldiers in Ukraine.

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At a time when the United States is convulsed by anti-Russian hysteria and demonization of Vladimir Putin, a trove of recently declassified Cold War documents reveals the astounding extent of the lies, duplicity and double-dealing engaged in by the w

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http://www.ronpaulinstitute.orgby brian cloughley

US and NATO representatives keep trying to convince the world that Afghanistan is not a corruption-ridden quagmire of violence, and US Defence Secretary, General Mattis, told reporters in Kabul on September 28 that "uncertainty has been replaced by