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Washington Post

The US government is intensifying its intelligence sharing and military consultations with Turkey behind the scenes as both countries confront the Syria’s civil conflict could escalate into a regional war, according to US and NATO officials.

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If you looked carefully at the news last week, you might have heard a report from Afghanistan about how the U.S./NATO forces bombed and killed eight Afghan women who were out walking in the mountains early in the morning before dawn to collect wood.

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NATO is reporting that 11 people, including seven American troops, were killed Thursday in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan. The other casualties were "three members of the Afghan National Security Forces, and one civilian interpreter" acco

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US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urged lawmakers not to renege on their promises to fund NATO’s new missile defense system, saying such a decision could jeopardize US relations with its European allies.

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On June 15 the news agency of the U.S. Defense Department, American Forces Press Service, ran a story on commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) Army General Carter Ham's testimony before the House Armed Services Committee four months before in wh

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NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen Wednesday vowed not to abandon Afghanistan as foreign nations plan to transition forces out of the country after a decade of conflict.