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Rutherford.Org - John Whitehead

A corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country, this shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the f

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Tim Frey (President of Roberts & Roberts Brokerage) provides an update in the precious metals marketoJacob Hornberger (Founder and President of the Future of Freedom Foundation) talks about the JFK assassination and cover-up - Hours 2&3

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The Common Sense Show - Dave Hodges

One of the readers to The Common Sense Show, provided me with a tip with regard to an advertised government position. The first reference to this concerning job occurs on and then the job seeker is redirected to

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The Obama administration quietly hired 20 social and behavioral research experts to help expand the use of government programs at dozens of agencies by, among other things, simplifying federal forms, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.

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