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Secret Government Projects

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For more than half a century, the combined American thought establishment (media, publishing, film, academia, and the like) have been cranking out a steady stream of books, articles, films, plays and more that present a completely false picture .....

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I don't regularly watch this lady on you-tube...I can't remember why, I think it's because she is too religious for me, however, she doesn't mention religion at all during this video.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

When and how did the "secret government" arise in the US? It could easily be traced to the creation of the CIA after World War II. Special guest David Talbot joins the Liberty Report to discuss his new book, The Devil's Chessboard, about Allen Dulles

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U.S. Special Forces Expand Training to Allies With Histories of Abuse

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As Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary Clinton helped a right-wing coup in Honduras remove an elected left-of-center president, setting back the cause of democracy and enabling corrupt and drug-tainted forces to tighten their grip on the poverty-stri

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The available evidence convinces me that the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine was a plot hatched in Washington in order to blame Russia, blame which helps Washington's pressure on Europe for sanctions against Russia.

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